Exploring the 5 Most Popular Types of Shutters to Redefine Your Space

Exploring the 5 Most Popular Types of Shutters to Redefine Your Space
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Ever found yourself scratching your head over which shutters to deck out your windows with? You’re not the only one. It’s like a never-ending labyrinth of choices that can leave you bamboozled.

And get this – on average, Aussies fork out around 2 grand each year on window dressings, all in the quest for that perfect blend of practicality and pzazz. Our guide’s about to make things a whole lot simpler for you, showcasing the top five shutter styles that’ll elevate your home from fine to fabulous.

So grab a cuppa, settle in, and let us help you pinpoint your ideal shutters!

Key Takeaways

  • Australians spend about $2,000 each year on window treatments.
  • Vinyl, wood, composite, PVC, and aluminium are the main types of plantation shutters.
  • Shutters should match your home’s style and withstand sun exposure and moisture.
  • Popular shutter benefits include being cost – effective, strong, easy to clean, and resistant to damp conditions.
  • Choose shutters based on room location for the right light control and privacy levels.

The Most Popular Types of Plantation Shutters

When it comes to plantation, there are various popular types to choose from. These include vinyl, wood, composite, PVC, and aluminium plantation. Each type has its own unique

The Most Popular Types of Plantation Shutters

features and benefits that can redefine the look and feel of your space.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Vinyl plantation are a smart choice for many of us. They’re tough, making them perfect for busy family homes.

These handle moisture well, so they’re great in steamy bathrooms or kitchens.

We can enjoy their sleek look without worrying about warping or fading.

Cleaning them is a breeze—just wipe with a damp cloth and they’re good as new. Vinyl come in various colours, helping us match our home decor easily. They offer excellent light control and privacy, giving us the comfort we want indoors.

Plus, vinyl options often cost less than wood, saving us money while still looking fantastic.

Wood Plantation Shutters

Wood plantation offer a timeless and elegant look to your home. The natural grain of the timber adds warmth and richness to any room, complementing various interior styles.

These are durable and provide excellent insulation, making them an energy-efficient choice for your windows. With their classic appeal, wood plantation can effortlessly enhance both the aesthetic value and functionality of your living spaces.

When considering window coverings, timber are a top choice due to their versatility and enduring charm. Their ability to blend seamlessly with different design schemes makes them a popular selection among homeowners looking for long-lasting, stylish solutions that add character to their homes without compromising on quality or practicality.

Composite Plantation Shutters

Transitioning from the timeless appeal of wood, let’s consider composite plantation. These are crafted from a mix of materials like PVC, fibreglass, and wood particles.

This fusion creates a durable and cost-effective option that resists warping and moisture damage.

Composite offer an attractive alternative to traditional wood and come in various styles to complement your home decor. They boast high durability without compromising on aesthetic appeal, making them an ideal choice for those seeking longevity and style.

PVC Plantation Shutters

PVC plantation are a popular choice for homeowners due to their affordable price and moisture resistance, making them suitable for humid climates. These offer durability and low maintenance, providing an excellent long-term investment for your home.

With a range of colours and styles available, PVC plantation can easily fit into any interior design scheme.

When choosing PVC plantation, consider the unique style of your home and the level of sun exposure they will receive. The versatility of PVC makes them a practical choice for both internal and external use, offering security while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Moving on from PVC Plantation to Aluminium Plantation, these offer durability and low maintenance. Their resistance to moisture and humidity makes them suitable for various climates as well.

Aluminium plantation are a great choice for those looking for long-lasting and easy-to-care-for window treatments that can withstand the elements. Additionally, they provide excellent security features, offering peace of mind along with functionality.

Aluminium plantation also come in custom designs, allowing homeowners to add a touch of personalised style to their living spaces while benefiting from the practical advantages they offer.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shutters

When choosing shutters for your space,it’s essential to consider factors such as the style of your home, sun exposure in the area where the shutters will be installed, your personal

preferences in terms of shutter style, and the moisture and humidity levels in your location. These factors will help you make an informed decision about which type of shutters will best suit your needs.

Home Style

Choose shutters that complement your home style, whether it’s modern or traditional. Consider how the shutters will blend in with your existing decor and architecture. Match the colour and design of the shutters to enhance your home’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Go for interior shutters if you want to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere inside your home. For an outdoor space, opt for durable and weather-resistant external shutters that reflect your personal style.

Ensure that the shutter installation aligns seamlessly with the look and feel of your residence while adding functionality and charm.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shutters

Sun Exposure

To protect your shutters from sun exposure, consider opting for materials like vinyl, aluminium, or composite plantation. These materials offer excellent resistance to sunlight and UV rays, ensuring that your shutters maintain their colour and shape for longer.

Additionally, installing adjustable louvres allows you to control the amount of sunlight entering your space throughout the day. Depending on your location, east and west-facing windows may require more sun protection compared to other directions.

When deciding on a type of shutter for areas with high sun exposure, choose options with built-in UV protection to prevent fading and damage over time. Consider the orientation of your windows in relation to the path of the sun during different seasons when selecting suitable shutters.

Shutter Style Preferences

Consider your home style when choosing shutters. Opt for louvre for a classic look and bifold or sliding for a modern touch. Custom shutters can be tailored to match your unique preferences, giving you control over design and functionality.

Think about the level of sun exposure in each room. Louvre are great for adjusting light levels, while roller offer maximum light blockage. This ensures you find the right balance between natural light and privacy throughout your home.

Moisture and Humidity Levels

Considering moisture and humidity levels is crucial when selecting shutters. These factors affect the durability and performance of shutters, especially in areas with high moisture content.

Moisture-resistant materials like vinyl, aluminium, and composite are ideal for humid environments as they prevent warping or damage caused by moisture exposure.

As homeowners, it’s important to prioritise shutter materials that can withstand varying humidity levels without compromising their functionality and appearance. Regular maintenance to address any moisture issues will also prolong the lifespan of the shutters.

Benefits of Popular Types of Shutters

Enjoy the affordability, durability, low maintenance, and moisture and humidity resistance of popular types of shutters. Find out why these benefits make them a great choice for

Benefits of Popular Types of Shutters

your space.


Explore a range of affordable options such as vinyl, PVC, and composite plantation to fit your budget. Consider the long-term cost benefits these offer for both interior and exterior use, making them a wise investment in enhancing your home.

Enhance your living space with stylish yet cost-effective shutters that provide privacy and light control while adding value to your property. Enjoy the affordability of different shutter types without compromising on quality or aesthetics.


When it comes to durability, our popular plantation shutters are built to last in various conditions. These are designed to withstand moisture and humidity levels,

ensuring they remain in top condition for a long time. Our vinyl, wood, composite, PVC, and aluminium shutters are all tailored for longevity and robustness.

In addition to superior construction materials that ensure lasting quality, the durability of our shutters means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your investment will stand the test of time.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl plantation are known for their low maintenance requirements, making them a practical choice for busy homeowners. They are easy to clean and resistant to warping, fading, and cracking, ensuring longevity without the need for frequent upkeep.

Additionally, aluminium plantation offer a hassle-free maintenance experience due to their resistance to corrosion and minimal cleaning needs.

Composite plantation also boast low maintenance qualities, as they do not peel or flake like traditional wood shutters. This makes them an ideal option for homeowners seeking durable and hassle-free window treatments that require minimal effort to keep looking great.

Moisture and Humidity Resistance

When it comes to shutters, moisture and humidity resistance are essential for maintaining their functionality and appearance. Vinyl plantation are particularly resilient in high-moisture areas, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Wood plantation, while classic in style, may require additional maintenance to uphold their moisture resistance. It’s crucial to consider the humidity levels in each room when selecting the right type of shutter for your home.

Aluminium plantation offer exceptional resistance to moisture and humidity, making them suitable for both interior and exterior use. Composite plantation also provide excellent durability against varying moisture levels, ensuring long-lasting performance in any room of your home.

Redefine your living space with the elegance of high-quality shutters – Free quote.

Exploring the five most popular types of shutters offers a wealth of options to redefine your space. From vinyl and wood plantation shutters to aluminium and composite ones, there’s something for every home style and sun exposure.

The benefits include affordability, durability, low maintenance, and resistance to moisture and humidity levels. By considering these factors when choosing shutters, you can enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your living spaces.